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You will love the simplicity and ubiquitous coverage Fuze offers.

1.75 Billion Eligible Cards

  • 50 Million Prepaid Cards
  • 459 Million Debit Cards
  • 576 Million Credit Cards
  • 531 Million Private Label
  • 137 Million Other Cards


“The proof is in the pudding.”

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  • 10000
  • 110000
  • 165000
    Unique Cards
  • 810000 Transactions

I’m in control, when I want to put cash on my card I do it down the street. I swipe my card and hand over my cash. It’s simple.

- Jemahr Crosby -

Add cash to any card at thousands of retailers nationwide

  • 1) Swipe

  • 2) Pay

  • 3) Done

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Customers have seen their time to pay a bill diminish from 10 minutes to as little as 30 seconds.

- Brian Hodgon, Senior Vice President, Pay-O-Matic -





We’ve seen less money orders and larger payments being made more often and have chosen to promote Fuze because of it.

- Gina Beers, Directing Officer Product Services, PREMIER Bank Card -


We are hyper-focused on card services for the self-banked and the underserved and proudly provide an integrated platform for payment acceptance, card cashing, cash payments and cash loads for money service businesses. We also power many start-ups that already understand why we all prefer to simply use our cards for both sending and receiving money.


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Transitioning from Check Cashing to Bankcard Services

Posted by | September 23 | Comments Off

Are you prioritizing and incentivizing Bankcard Services? Times are changing for Alternative Financial Service Centers; they have been for a while. Recently it seemed as though an Obama Care oversight might breathe some new life into payroll checks but alas, it will not. It never intended to anyway and along with a seemingly endless supply of proponents will encourage payroll cards and Government disbursements cards, two types of prepaid cards.

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Moving Cash to Cards – The Rise of Self-Banked Consumers Using Plastic

Posted by | April 16 | Comments Off

With the developments of innovative payments via terminal technology, transferring cash to any card can be as simple as swiping at the terminal and handing over a payment.

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The Rise of e-money

Posted by | April 9 | Comments Off

Virtual gift cards are revolutionizing the way consumers send gifts and spend money. Business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies are both taking advantage of this growing trend. How will this growing demand be met?

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