Fuze to Join Forces with Ingo Money

Posted by | November 3 | 3 Comments

We’re pleased to announce today that Fuze will be joining forces with Ingo Money, together we’ll continue the revolution to digitization of cash. Official Press Release Coverage PayBefore Payments Source Atlanta Journal Constitution  

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Transitioning from Check Cashing to Bankcard Services

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Are you prioritizing and incentivizing Bankcard Services? Times are changing for Alternative Financial Service Centers; they have been for a while. Recently it seemed as though an Obama Care oversight might breathe some new life into payroll checks but alas, it will not. It never intended to anyway and along with a seemingly endless supply of proponents will encourage payroll cards and Government disbursements cards, two types of prepaid cards.

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Moving Cash to Cards – The Rise of Self-Banked Consumers Using Plastic

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With the developments of innovative payments via terminal technology, transferring cash to any card can be as simple as swiping at the terminal and handing over a payment.

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The Rise of e-money

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Virtual gift cards are revolutionizing the way consumers send gifts and spend money. Business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies are both taking advantage of this growing trend. How will this growing demand be met?

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Giftly enables consumers to send and receive electronic gifts

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The location-based process of the electronic gift exchange powered by Giftly allows consumers to send any gift, for any amount, to any recipient. How has Fuze Network delivered and ensured the timely transfer of funds for Giftly’s 25,000 gifts made in Q4 2012 and Q1 2013?

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Point-of-Sale Terminals Should Revolutionize Credit Card Payments

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Payment options must evolve to fit the average, on-the-go lifestyle of a cardholder. Enabling consumers with faster, convenient and cheaper methods to pay their bills is possible through an ordinary point-of-sale terminal.

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ISO & Agent Weekly: Using Cash at POS to Pay Card Balances

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Merchants have the opportunity to increase foot traffic by offering consumers the ability to make cash payments at the POS terminal through their ISOs and agents. Enabling retailers to accept cash payments for bills at the POS eliminates late fees and delayed posting times for consumers.

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Digital Transactions Featured Article

Posted by | February 11 | Comments Off

Virtual gift cards are growing at a rapid rate, and according to Mercator Advisory Group, its sales are expected to reach $1 billion during 2013’s holiday season. Giftly, a virtual gifting experience that allows a gift giver to send any gift, at any location, has penetrated the gift giving marketplace by enabling the transfer of funds from the giver’s credit or debit card to the recipient’s. The value of the gift is transferred to the recipient via Fuze Network, allowing for a convenient and quick gift exchange. Any merchant can accept a Giftly; opening up the doors for smaller retail locations to offer and accept gift card programs. Instead of losing business to proprietary and large retail programs, says Dave Wilkes, founder and CEO of Fuze Network, Giftly benefits financial institutions because customers are sending money from one bank account to another; riding on the rails of other card networks. To read the full “Gift Cards Go Virtual” article, click here. (The article is on pages 26-32.)

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Fuze Network Guarantees No Late Fees

Posted by | February 7 | Comments Off

“Hectic schedules, forgetfulness and simple day-to-day activities sometimes interfere with making a bill payment in advance,” said Wilkes. “Consumers should feel confident that no matter what happens during the billing cycle, if they can make a payment using the Fuze reCHARGE™ Network by noon Central time, their payment will post without penalty.”

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‘Debanked’ Consumers Get More Ways to Move Cash to Card

Posted by | February 1 | Comments Off

While these efforts allow consumers to transfer cash onto one specific card product, Fuze Network, a two-year old startup, allows people to give cash to an agent and transfer that money onto any credit, debit or prepaid card in their wallet.

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